Hydraulic Damper principle and advantage

Hydraulic Damper Is a kind of hydraulic equipment, in order to reduce piston motion and both ends of the oil cylinder occur strike, at the bottom of the oil cylinder can installed damper. If install in the central oil cylinder, also can have the effect of adjusting the oil cylinder movement rhythm. Hydraulic Damper principle is: in the pipeline or equipment normal thermal expansion, with hydraulic damper to move slowly, at that time almost no damping force; When load transient, Hydraulic Damper valve is activated, at this point it produces with vibration force the same size reverse resistance, prevent vibration of the pipeline or equipment to reduce larger amplitude, reduce the amplitude, so as to protect the piping or equipment effect.

Hydraulic Damper is widely used in automotive, medical equipment, washing machine, refrigerator etc. industries, because the damper has apparatus has resistance with the running speed change, dampening effect on the speed of the connected institutions etc. characteristics. And its advantages are many, such as: large damping force, wide load range, quick, long work schedule and so on, especially suitable for low frequency and large amplitude conditions environment. Like all kinds of higher or lower than the normal temperature, high humidity high salinity, dust, nuclear radiation and other working conditions. Such as water hammer, air hammer, safety valve exhaust steam, boiler explosion and earthquake, etc.


Hydraulic Damper

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