The Principle of hydraulic damper

Hydraulic damper is a device that to reduce the resistance of movements, and then depletes the kinetic energy. Hydraulic damper is widely used in automotive and medical equipment; the feature is the resistance changes with running speed. Obviously, it can play a buffer role in connected institutions. The most important feature is that the force of the gas spring changes with velocity of movement. Significantly, when the force point of gas spring movement faster, then the resistances of the spring is increased. In other case, when the force point movements is slow, almost no resistances.

Hydraulic buffer little common sense

Hydraulic buffer, is also called hydraulic damper, by hydraulic damping effect on the wagon as a freewheeling proceed buffer deceleration to stop. Buffer is compressed process is through piston squeeze oil, this process consumes a large amount of kinetic energy, play a buffer role. When work is finished, the piston return spring is pushed to the original location, to complete a working cycle.

When hydraulic buffer by the collision pressure, kinetic energy after the plug head and accelerate the spring to the piston, make it move to the right. Because buffer work chamber is equipped with a reset spring, mandril and oil. Piston movement extrusion working chamber of the oil, make its reset spring compression, while making the oil extrusion from the annular space between the piston and the mandril, into the oil storage chamber. At the beginning of the piston movement, due to large and annular space between the mandril, the oil is easy to be squeezed out; Continues in piston movement, the annular space are getting smaller and smaller, the piston resistance increasing, to mandril cylindrical phase, the resistance is also stable in maximum.

Hydraulic buffer advantage has to reduce or eliminate hydraulic impact, protect the hydraulic component. So it is widely used in hoisting transportation, metallurgy, port machinery, railway vehicle and other mechanical equipment, prevent hard crash in the process of transportation, prevent damage of parts.

In order to prolong the service life of hydraulic buffer, when deposit, don’t upside down, to prevent the hydraulic oil spill; Environment temperature should be 22-80 Celsius degree; Inventory custody is should be placed in ventilated place, humidity below eighty percent advisable; Pay attention to the fire, do not put in fire place; Before use hydraulic buffer, it should be horizontal installed.

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Hydraulic damper is a speed sensitivity device

 Abstract: Hydraulic damper is a kind of hydraulic equipment, a response to speed sensitive vibration damping device. The working process of the hydraulic damper “gentleness” can be used to describe.
  When the movement caused by the force exceeds the allowable speed, hydraulic damper will lock and load and the speed limit in a place called atresia after speed or speed value of the leakage rate. Therefore, test of hydraulic damper, the parameters of interest is as follows: for under the rated load, atresia after locking speed or leakage rate, the equivalent spring stiffness.
  Under normal working condition of the piston rod speed V is less than the closure speed V, force on the pipeline is small, f low less than or equal to 1 ~ 2% FN; The instant impact load at the time, the increase of V to V closed when the hydraulic oil push valve core, to close the valve core to overcome the spring force, hydraulic oil flow only from the damping hole, the formation of FN damping force, make the damper atresia, So as to realize the purpose of reducing vibration, resistance to vibration.
  For safety valve exhaust steam type damper, due to no damping valve core hole, can’t flow for the hydraulic medium, therefore, after locking speed V is equal to zero after closed, so as to realize the continuous of damper on the pulling force.
  The working process of the hydraulic damper “gentleness” can be used to describe, in a pipe or equipment normal thermal expansion can then move slowly, and now its almost no damping force, the expression is “soft”; When the load transient hydraulic damper valve is activated, when its produce and vibration to the same size, curb the large vibration of the pipeline or equipment to reduce the amplitude, multiaxial servo tapping machine gear type tapping machine drilling power head so as to protect the piping or equipment, characterized by “just” at this time.
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