Drilling machine is the railway repair and the repair work necessary tools

Railway repair and the repair work necessary tools is drilling machine, drilling machine when use should be pay attention to what? The next PURROS take you to have a look at:
1, to drill horizontal card on the rail, adjust the front of the card head bolts, press the locking cam handles, the locked securely.
2, drilling should be before the drill grinding sharp (Drill bit angle 120 °, the center smaller chisel edge). In the cooling tank, adding the proper amount of coolant. During the drilling to be drill bit cooled sufficiently.
3, drilling feed wants even, don’t overexert. If the drill bit jammed, should be instantly without electricity, and exit. Beware of motor overload burning.
Above is the drilling machine the matters needing attention in using simple introduction, the exchange of everyone reference only!
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Briefly long drilling machine appearance and the surrounding clean

Machining hole drilling machine refers to mainly use bit on the parts of machine tools. Usually bit rotation movement, bit axial movement as the feed movement. Drilling machine structure is simple, the processing precision is relatively low, drilling hole, blind hole, replace the special cutting tools, can enlarge, counter boring, reaming, or tapping for processing. Long drilling machine is the feature of the work piece stationary, rotation of the cutting tool, and along the axis direction of feed, can be manually operation, also can be mobile.

  In the early 1970 s, drilling or using common relay control in the world. To machining some parts on the overlapping or arbitrary Angle, or center line and price parts with a certain Angle of inclined hole, parallel to the vertical hole or holes, etc. Each country specially developed a variety of special deep hole drilling machine.
  Machining hole drilling machine mainly USES bit on the parts of machine tools, is indispensable equipment machinery and all kinds of replacement factory. Taizhou road machinery co., LTD., professional custom make all kinds of mechanical products can be customized according to your product. Below is a general way, simple introduction for everyone under long drilling machine appearance and around clean:
  1, wipe the rig, lathe bed and guide rail, screw and the operating handle. Keep the lathe bed and surrounding clean and no pollution.
  2, remove slag guide way burr and screw drill material.
  3, remove the cleaning felt.
  4, remove the various parts of the drilling machine rust, protect the paint surface.
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