Automated machine development

In mechanical manufacturing, automation technology has more and more be taken seriously. Along with the computer technology for the mainstream of modern science technology development and market product competition intensifies, traditional mechanical manufacturing technology is difficult to meet modern product diversification development and change with each passing day updating speed.Face many varieties of small batch production proportion increase, product delivery goods quality and cost requirement improvement, require modern manufacturing technology has the very high flexible, how to enhance mechanical manufacturing industry’s use ability of external factor as well as the change ability of product adapt market, as we need to make use of the flexibility of modern automation technology, the maximum limit application in mechanical manufacturing industry, machinery equipment function, efficiency, reliability and product quality to a new level, so as to meet the modern market competition demand.

Compared with the traditional mechanical, automation machinery speed is quickly, efficiency and reliability are high. Under the condition of the personnel cost is so high, use automated machinery is greatly reduces the labor cost, also can reduce danger coefficient, more importantly, can improve the production efficiency and guarantee product quality. It is clear that the importance of automation machinery in mechanical manufacturing industry.

Such as tapping machine is a machine shell, end face, nut, flange and so on with different specifications hole or blind hole of the parts for inner side process internal threads, screws or tooth buckle of mechanical processing equipment.

Compared with traditional tapping machine, automatic tapping machine speed is quickly, high precision, attack the tooth can be smoothly through tooth gauge detection; For high speed continuous cycle operation, one person can operate more devices at the same time, not only save labor cost, but also improve the production quality and quantity.

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Automatic tapping machine advantage

In today’s social development by leaps and bounds, the technology unceasingly in the update, a lot of old mechanical equipment has been unable to keep up with the pace of the times. Currently is needed to be more security, more energy efficient, more intelligent and higher efficiency of mechanical equipment, automatic tapping machine appeared.

Automatic tapping machine advantage: reduce working procedure, improve automation degree. Automatic tapping machine will be tapping part stamping and tapping movement combined with an organic whole, direct tapping and punching on the punching machine simultaneous.

Improve production efficiency, using automatic tapping machine can save work time, tapping precision is high, short time, improve production efficiency.

Reduce cost: use automatic tapping machine can reduce probability because material feeding error produce, decrease in the process product library amount, thus saving the cost.

Save energy: when will part stamping and tapping combining, automatic tapping machine entirely by mechanical transmission, thereby saving machine energy that specially is used for tapping.

Save labor: automatic tapping machine to combine part of tapping and pressing into a process, fully automated, thus saving labor costs.

Reduce the defective rate: automatic tapping machine precise positioning can reduce the damage probability of tap, and can reduce the waste probability due to feeding error. Automatic tapping machine can use the factory existing such as ordinary drilling machine, manual tapping machine etc. old machine to be modified, so as to achieve the purpose of save time and save money.

Affect automatic tapping machine tapping speed has a lot of factors, such as: tap material, type, eating into the number of teeth, the hole shape, cutting material and cutting oil etc. using condition. So when choosing automatic tapping machine must take into account these factors.

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