How to choose the Tapping Machine and Tapping Machine commonality

Tapping Machine is also called Thread Tapping Machine, every industry is requires a device. Now on the market has many different kinds of Tapping Machines, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc., but the Pneumatic Tapping Machine is one of the best alternatives to traditional Tapping Machine. Pneumatic Tapping Machine on the price is very affordable, its operation is simple, the tap is not easy to broken, and in terms of moving very deft, compared with electric, pneumatic is generally three to five years longer life; Electric Tapping Machine, the cost is higher, compared with the pneumatic, service life is short, but has the advantage in terms of fangs, thread diameter is bigger can choose Electric Tapping Machine; Hydraulic Tapping Machine volume is relatively large, can affect production efficiency.

Tapping Machine of steel, iron, but PURROS Tapping Machine is made of aluminum, because compared with steel and iron, the density of aluminum is small, high intensity, affordable, quality is light is the most important, in this way, move conveniently specially, greatly improve production efficiency. In general, how to choose the Tapping Machine still depends on the buyer’s need and preference.

Many hardware factory production products are very many, many products require tapping this step. But previous artificial cheap, hiring is easy, so a lot of manufacturers didn’t thought of using Automatic Tapping Machine. In recent years, many areas in hiring, wages rise, people more difficult situation, many hardware manufacturers realize the importance of Automatic Tapping Machine, because this is a best way to reduce manpower. As many customers Tapping Machine not particularly understand, they call me a will ask our Tapping Machine function in general? In fact, not all of the work piece can be made universal Tapping Machine.

First we need to know the shapes of work piece, processing precision requirement, the work of the artifact itself etc. If the work piece shape is same, only is appearance size some of difference is you can make it universal Automatic Tapping Machine, premise is the processing precision requirement is not high; But if the shape is different, it is hard to do it. As the manufacturer of Automatic Tapping Machine, we still suggest customer if a particularly large amount of artifacts, or to make special machine is better, because it’s Automatic Tapping Machine, stability is good, in order to achieve less investment, high efficiency of the effect.


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Pneumatic Tapping Machine

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Tapping machine tapping processing technology

Tapping machine is a machine shell, end face, nut, flange and so on with different specifications of the hole or blind hole of the parts for inner side of the hole of internal threads, screws or tooth buckle of mechanical processing equipment. Tapping is a difficult process, the screw tap of the tapping machine is working under very harsh conditions. Because tapping machine screw tap is almost buried in the work piece in cutting, each tooth processing load is bigger than other tool, and screw tap along the screw thread and the work piece surface is very large, when cutting screw thread it must accommodate and ruled out chip. In order to successfully complete tapping, must grasp the following points.

1, work piece screw thread bottom hole orifice to chamfer, through-hole screw thread both ends to chamfer.

2, work piece clamp position correctly, try to put the center line of the threaded hole in horizontal or vertical position, tapping when convenient to judge screw tap axis whether perpendicular to work piece surface.

3, tapping, screw tap and through-hole must keep coaxality.

4, at the beginning of tapping, want to put the screw tap positive as far as possible, and then to tap to add pressure and roll drift holder, when cut into 1-2 circles, carefully check and correct the position of the screw tap.

5, just in case come across screw hole can’t attack, often withdraw from the screw tap, rule out the chip of hole.

6, tapping screw holes in different materials, need some assistance. Such as tapping plastic material screw hole, to add lubrication cooling fluid. Tapping steel material screw hole, use concentration larger emulsion; when the demand of work piece is higher, can use vegetable oil or molybdenum disulfide, etc. Tapping stainless steel screw hole, can use No. 30 engine oil or sulfide oil.

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