The use and production process of Multiple Spindle Machine

Multiple Spindle Machine use

Multiple Spindle Machine also known as Multiple Spindle Head, Porous Drill, Multiple Spindle Drill Machine or Multiple Spindle Machine Tool, is a new hole processing equipment. It is mainly used for quick drilling, tapping, chamfering, countersink plane work, has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low cost etc. A typical ordinary Multiple Spindle Machine with a typical ordinary Drilling Machine can put several or even dozens of twenty holes or thread treatment one time. With the development of domestic auto part, the competition between every part suppliers are fierce, so select Multiple Spindle Machine of high performance, high efficiency is a very efficient way of the enterprise to reduce the production cost, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises,

    Multiple Spindle Machine production operation process

First, preparation

1, Before entering the production job, die casting worker must wear labor protection articles.

2, Check the water, electricity, gas, wind etc. is whether compliance production specification.

3, Prepare for other before production.

Second, no-load startup

1, Multiple Spindle Machine has function-load test. Open the start switch, wait motor and oil pump operation run 1 ~ 3 minutes.

2, Manual operation no-load commissioning. Check the electric control cabinet, program instructions signal whether according to the procedures.

3, No-load commissioning.

Third, the production operation

1, According to the process to adjust various parameters. And adjust corresponding temperature parameters.

2, Preheat mold and spoon scoop, preheat the cold chamber die casting machine injection cylinder.

3, After remove the parting surface, nozzle etc. harm the safety of others factors manual operation, test roduce prototype part and test product by oneself.

4, Verify that the product meets the drawing, the equipment meets the process procedures, can be produced in single cycle. Should be closes the security door when production. Somebody is strictly prohibited to stand in parting surface.

5, Automatic production. Approved by the “three inspection” of qualified products can be fully automated mass production.

6, Found fault in production, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, adjust and fill in the trouble ticket, after Multiple Spindle Machine troubleshooting can normal production.

Fourth, the production end

1, Downtime. Check every equipment.

2, Clean equipment. Filling all lubricating points surface grease so that anti-corrosion, rust.


Multiple Spindle Machine

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