What is chip?

In metal cutting processing Produce scrap iron, chipping, serration iron sheet and because of the heat generated by the cutting clinkering scrap iron or united into amorphous metal object general terms is chip.

Metal material performance is different, the slip property is also different, even in the same conditions for cutting, the chip type, and size (deformation degree) is not the same.

Chip after deformation zone severe deformation, increase hardness, plastic drop, and performance become fragile. In the process of chip discharge, when encounter cutter knife and work piece transitional surface or work surface etc. obstacles, such as a part of the strain exceeds the chip material fracture strain values, the chip will be broken. So the work piece material brittleness is bigger, the chip thickness is bigger, the chip curling radius is smaller, chip is more easily broken.

Tapping machine is a machine tool that use screw tap machining internal thread, it is the most widely used a kind of internal thread processing machine tool. When tapping machine machining metal material internal thread, can produce chip, especially in blind hole, it is easy to happen jam phenomenon, so should often clean up, to guarantee the tapping machine machining efficiency, guarantee product quality.

At the time of cleaning chip, it is forbidden to use mouth to blow, because it is easy to chip into eyes, this poses a threat to personal safety. Do not have hands to pull, to avoid cuts or burns. Available brown brushes, pig hair brushes to clean up the chip.

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Hydraulic transmission system

Hydraulic transmission is a liquid as working medium to transfer power. Hydraulic due to its transmission power is big, easy to transfer and configuration, are widely used in industry, civil industry.

The role of the hydraulic system is by means of changing pressure increase acting force. Hydraulic system executive component hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor function are liquid pressure energy convert to mechanical energy, and gain needed straight reciprocating motion or rotational motion. A hydraulic system is good or bad depends on systematic design rationality, system component performance good or bad, system pollution protective and create, and the last one is particularly important.

Tapping machine is a machine tap machining internal thread, it is the most widely used a kind of internal thread processing machine tool. According to different driving power source, the tapping machine can be divided into manual tapping machine, pneumatic tapping machine, electric tapping machine and hydraulic tapping machine, etc.

The hydraulic tapping machine’s advantage is:

1, hydraulic technology is mature, use and maintenance convenient, fast.

2, hydraulic system output power is strong, constant torque, rotational speed is stepless speed regulation, good plasticity.

3, hydraulic tapping machine is in light weight, small volume, small motion inertia, fast reaction.

4, can automatically realize overload protection.

5, with a threaded hole axis Angle automatically follow and screw pitch automatic compensation function.

6, with tapping process intelligent protection system, can protect screw tap and equipment.

7, it is easy to realize the automation of machine, when using electro hydraulic combined control, not only can achieve a higher degree automatic control process, but also can realize remote control.

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