Mechanical equipment risk factor and protective measure

Mechanical equipment risk mainly is the movement part of the equipment, such as transmission mechanism and cutter, movement work piece and chip, etc. If the equipment has defect, protective device failure or improper operation, it could cause personal casualty accident at any time.

1, mechanical transmission mechanism can be divided into gear transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission. If the component does not conform to the requirement, such as mechanical design is unreasonable, transmission part and outstanding transmission part exposed, unprotected, etc., or its own security protection consciousness is poor, don’t be careful and peccancy operation may handle, clothes haul in the harm.

2, mechanical equipment rotating parts and moving parts, mechanical equipment, has a very big risk. Its rotating parts, such as drill, wrap silk machine rotating work piece chuck, etc. once with people clothing, sleeves, long hair entwined, easy life or personal injury accident; Operator operation method is undeserved, too hard, use the tool specification is unreasonable, are likely to make the operator bumped on machine tools. The operator and construction personnel stand position is not appropriate; Cutter cuts etc will pose a threat to personal safety.

Therefore, do some protective measures for mechanical equipment. For example mechanical transmission mechanism, for safety protection gear transmission, you must install protective device fully enclosed, without a guard shall not be used; for safety belt drive, adopt the method of the belt cover all, or installation of protective railings for protection. For coupling safety protection, the most fundamental way is to add shield. To install safety device, such as overload safety device, travel insurance device, brake device, etc.

As a worker, operating equipment must be in strict accordance with the required dress; when the machine is running, no adjustment or measuring the work piece with hands; work piece and cutter card wants firm, banned touch rotating parts of the machine. Please responsible for own safety.

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The structure and characteristic of the transmission

Transmission is made of two parts that variable speed drive mechanism and variable speed operation mechanism, can be made into a separate variable speed mechanism or and drive mechanism in the same casing. Variable speed drive mechanism main function is to change the numerical value and direction of torque and rotational speed; Operation mechanism main function is to control the drive mechanism, realize transmission velocity ratio of transformation, namely the realization of shift.

Transmission mechanism mostly uses the ordinary gear drive, also uses planetary gear transmission. Ordinary gear shifting mechanism uses slip gear and clutch. Slip gear has multi-slip gear and dislocation slip gear. Use multi-slip gear variable speed, axial dimension is big; use dislocation slip gear variable speed, compact structure, but the transmission ratio changes little. Clutch has mesh type and friction type. Use mesh type clutch, variable speed should go ahead in park or rotational speed difference is very small. Use friction clutch can be variable speed under any speed difference in operation, but the capacity is small, and can not guarantee two shafts strictly synchronous. At the mesh type clutch installs friction plate, when variable speed first by friction plate driven wheel after to the synchronous speed then to joint. As a result, can overcome shortcoming of two shafts can’t synchronic.

Simple transmission has efficiency high, simple structure, use convenient, etc. advantages; but gear number less, variation range is small, only appropriate in certain gear number is not much use in the car. If the increase scope, makes the transmission size increases, shaft span increases. If use integrated transmission, can increase the gear number and don’t make shaft span is too large.

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