Thread processing method

There are two methods of machining out internal thread and external thread on the work piece, respectively are cutting processing and rolling processing.

Cutting processing method: thread cutting, generally refers to with forming cutting tool or grinding on the work piece machining thread method, mainly include the turning, milling, tapping, mantle fiber, grinding etc.

1, thread turning, turning thread on a lathe can use forming tool or chaser. By forming tool turning thread, due to its cutting tool structure is simple, is only suitable for single piece and small batch production of thread work piece; With chaser turning thread, high production efficiency, but its cutting tool structure is complex, and only applicable to middle and mass production turning teeth short thread artifacts.

2, thread milling, in the thread milling machine by disc cutter or comb milling cutter for milling. Disc cutter is mainly used for milling screw rod, worm and other artifacts on the trapezoidal external thread; Comb milling cutter for milling ordinary internal, external threads and taper thread, is appropriate for batch production general accuracy thread work piece.

3, thread grinding, use cast iron etc. softer material to make nut type or screw rod type thread tool, proceed forward and reverse rotation grinding of work piece have been processed thread exists screw pitch error part, in order to improve the accuracy of screw pitch.

4, tapping, it is to use a certain distance to tap screwing in the work piece on the preboring in the bottom hole machining internal thread. Mantle fiber, use threading die cut-out external thread at barstock (or pipe material) work piece. It is suitable for machining small diameter internal thread. Tapping and mantle fiber can use manual operation, also can use lathe, drilling machine, tapping machine and diehead threading machine.

Rolling processing method: screw thread rolling, use forming rolling mould make work piece produce plastic deformation for the thread processing method. This processing method has the advantage that its surface roughness is less than the cutting way of thread. After rolling thread surface because cooling hardening can improve the strength and hardness, compared with cutting processing, high material utilization, productivity is growing exponentially.

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Automated machine development

In mechanical manufacturing, automation technology has more and more be taken seriously. Along with the computer technology for the mainstream of modern science technology development and market product competition intensifies, traditional mechanical manufacturing technology is difficult to meet modern product diversification development and change with each passing day updating speed.Face many varieties of small batch production proportion increase, product delivery goods quality and cost requirement improvement, require modern manufacturing technology has the very high flexible, how to enhance mechanical manufacturing industry’s use ability of external factor as well as the change ability of product adapt market, as we need to make use of the flexibility of modern automation technology, the maximum limit application in mechanical manufacturing industry, machinery equipment function, efficiency, reliability and product quality to a new level, so as to meet the modern market competition demand.

Compared with the traditional mechanical, automation machinery speed is quickly, efficiency and reliability are high. Under the condition of the personnel cost is so high, use automated machinery is greatly reduces the labor cost, also can reduce danger coefficient, more importantly, can improve the production efficiency and guarantee product quality. It is clear that the importance of automation machinery in mechanical manufacturing industry.

Such as tapping machine is a machine shell, end face, nut, flange and so on with different specifications hole or blind hole of the parts for inner side process internal threads, screws or tooth buckle of mechanical processing equipment.

Compared with traditional tapping machine, automatic tapping machine speed is quickly, high precision, attack the tooth can be smoothly through tooth gauge detection; For high speed continuous cycle operation, one person can operate more devices at the same time, not only save labor cost, but also improve the production quality and quantity.

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