Pneumatic power heads damper characteristics

Abstract: Damper as the air pressure power head steady speed of major components, its performance for the whole power head is particularly important.
Damper as the air pressure power head steady speed of major components, its performance for the whole power head is particularly important. Following a brief introduction of PURROS Company the air pressure power head heads hydraulic damper has seven characteristics used:
1, Anti-corrosion performance is good; all material is employed high quality material. Anti-corrosion performance is excellent.
2, Compact structures and reasonable stress; compact structure and showed a symmetrical structure, small installation space, forces more reasonable.
3, Fast dynamic response; resistance is big, and the dynamic response time is short.
4, Control with small resistance; frictional resistance is small, generally less than the rated load 1%-2%.
5, Swing angles; the head, the tail is hinged joint bearing, allowing the swing angle of ± 6.
6, Long service lives; using special hydraulic oil and sealing medium, stable performance, long service life.
7, High temperature resistant; can work continuously under a temperature of 93℃, the short-time stability can be as high as 148℃.
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Pneumatic power head

Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. With the growing complexity of the machined part,, class of accuracy and machining efficiency, axial, high speed machine tool becomes more essential conditions.

Small pneumatic power head is a collection of power head of the main movement and feed movement and control equipment of drilling power head, in order to realize its appearance is compact, the structure, spindle insert cylinder axis and the piston rod, piston rod is hollow, containing imported rolling bearing, in order to improve the rotation accuracy of the spindle, the spindle is installed on the bearing, the synchronous belt by spline connected to the motor, cylinder block is fixed on the bracket, the piston rod is equipped with hydraulic governor and stroke adjustment screws, through adjusting screw collision limit switch, realize the power head spindle reset, power head, as one of the important power components of combination machine tools and applications in the automotive industry, household appliances industry and motorcycle manufacturing brings great economic benefits.
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Production and sales all kinds of power head, the purros production of pneumatic power head has the following features:
1, high precision, has played a drilling power head of core technology, thoroughly reinforced parts commonality, to critically reflect power head high precision characteristics.
2, high rigidity, the axial guideway structure, greatly improve the overall rigidity, fully guarantee the stability of hole processing.
3, high performance, the spindle end has a unique double flexible sealing structure and easy installation, round body, can meet the requirements of diverse hole processing.
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