Classification and characteristic of machine tool

Machine tool refers to the machine of manufacturing machinery, can also be referred to as mother machine and tool room machine. General accuracy requirement is high and the surface roughness requirement is thinner part, are on the machine tool for processing, and processing methods in addition to cutting, casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion, etc. Thus it can be seen the machine tool is an indispensable part of mechanical manufacturing industry.

The machine tool has a lot of kinds, among them the common has the following kinds:

Turning machine, main is to use turning cutter to rotate the work piece turning processing machine tool. Drill, expanding drill, reamer, screw tap, threading die, etc. tools are available on a turning machine processing accordingly. It is mainly used for machining shaft, plate, cover and other work piece what has rotary surface, is the most widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair factory of machine tool.

Boring machine, main is to use boring cutter to artifacts existing prefabricated hole boring processing machine. Is mainly used for machining high precision holes or one-time positioning multiple what finished machining of holes. In a large box part processing equipment, boring machine is the most important.

Drilling machine, main use drill to process hole on the work piece is machine tool. Drilling machine structure is simple, the processing precision is relatively low, can drill a hole, blind hole. If want to enlarge hole, counter boring, reaming or tapping etc. processing. As long as replace special cutter can work.

Milling machine, main is to use milling cutter in the work piece on the processing of the every surface of the machine tool. It in addition to processing flat, grooved, various surface, gear, you can also process more complex type surface.

Planing machine, it is with the planing cutter to the work piece surface flat, grooved or forming surface planing machine tool. Can planing on planing machine horizontal, vertical, slant, curve, also can planing hole, gear and rack, etc. Planing machine is most suitable for planing narrow long surface of the work piece, but the productivity is low, only suitable for small and medium-sized batch production.

Grinding machine, is the use of grinding apparatus work piece surface of machine tool. Grinding machine for grinding the part with high precision and surface roughness is small, the hardness is high or relatively brittle material, grinding machine can be processed.

CNC machine tool, is short for computer numerical control machine tool, is a kind of program control system of automation machine tool. The operation and monitoring of the CNC machine tool are all completed in the CNC unit. Its machining precision is high, has the stable machining quality; A high degree of automation, which can reduce labor intensity.

Forging machine tool, it is for the use of metals and machinery cold manufacture equipment, and mainly to change the shape of the metal processing. Forging machine tool includes veneer reeling machine, plate shearing machine, punching machine, press machine, hydraulic machine, oil press machine, bending machine and so on.

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Thread processing method

There are two methods of machining out internal thread and external thread on the work piece, respectively are cutting processing and rolling processing.

Cutting processing method: thread cutting, generally refers to with forming cutting tool or grinding on the work piece machining thread method, mainly include the turning, milling, tapping, mantle fiber, grinding etc.

1, thread turning, turning thread on a lathe can use forming tool or chaser. By forming tool turning thread, due to its cutting tool structure is simple, is only suitable for single piece and small batch production of thread work piece; With chaser turning thread, high production efficiency, but its cutting tool structure is complex, and only applicable to middle and mass production turning teeth short thread artifacts.

2, thread milling, in the thread milling machine by disc cutter or comb milling cutter for milling. Disc cutter is mainly used for milling screw rod, worm and other artifacts on the trapezoidal external thread; Comb milling cutter for milling ordinary internal, external threads and taper thread, is appropriate for batch production general accuracy thread work piece.

3, thread grinding, use cast iron etc. softer material to make nut type or screw rod type thread tool, proceed forward and reverse rotation grinding of work piece have been processed thread exists screw pitch error part, in order to improve the accuracy of screw pitch.

4, tapping, it is to use a certain distance to tap screwing in the work piece on the preboring in the bottom hole machining internal thread. Mantle fiber, use threading die cut-out external thread at barstock (or pipe material) work piece. It is suitable for machining small diameter internal thread. Tapping and mantle fiber can use manual operation, also can use lathe, drilling machine, tapping machine and diehead threading machine.

Rolling processing method: screw thread rolling, use forming rolling mould make work piece produce plastic deformation for the thread processing method. This processing method has the advantage that its surface roughness is less than the cutting way of thread. After rolling thread surface because cooling hardening can improve the strength and hardness, compared with cutting processing, high material utilization, productivity is growing exponentially.

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Bearing classification and seal

Bearing is fixed in a mechanical transmission process and reduce the load friction coefficient part. In other words, while other parts on the shaft when each other produce relative movement, used to reduce the friction coefficient and keep shaft centre position fixed at part in the process of power transfer. In modern machinery equipment bearing is a kind of indispensable part. Its main function is to support the mechanical revolution body, to reduce equipment in transmission process mechanical load friction coefficient.

According to different motion components friction quality, bearing can be divided into two categories of rolling bearing and sliding bearing. Divide careful a little, there are many varieties of bearings. Such as centripetal bearing, thrust bearing, liquid lubrication bearing, incomplete liquid lubrication bearing, no lubrication bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, spherical roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, double row deep groove ball bearing, thrust ball bearing, deep groove ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, needle roller bearing, etc.

Bearing the seal can be divided into two categories, own seal and plus seal. Bearing with own seal is sealed the bearing itself made it into the performance of the device. Such as bearing has dust cover and sealing ring, etc. This seal take up the space is small, easy installation and disassembly, cost is also low. And bearing plus seal performance device, is in installation end cover etc. internal manufacturing into with various properties sealing device.

Choose the bearing plus seal should consider the following several major factors: bearing lubricant and types; Bearing work environment, taking up space; Shaft supporting structure advantage, allowing the angular deviation; Sealing surface circumference speed; Bearing operating temperature; The manufacturing cost.

Bearing is the important foundation part in all kinds of machinery equipments, its accuracy, performance, life and reliability play a conclusive role in main engine accuracy, performance, life and reliability. So visible, bearing is widespread application in all kinds of machinery, such as machine tool, pneumatic press machine, drilling machine, etc.

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Drilling machine is the railway repair and the repair work necessary tools

Railway repair and the repair work necessary tools is drilling machine, drilling machine when use should be pay attention to what? The next PURROS take you to have a look at:
1, to drill horizontal card on the rail, adjust the front of the card head bolts, press the locking cam handles, the locked securely.
2, drilling should be before the drill grinding sharp (Drill bit angle 120 °, the center smaller chisel edge). In the cooling tank, adding the proper amount of coolant. During the drilling to be drill bit cooled sufficiently.
3, drilling feed wants even, don’t overexert. If the drill bit jammed, should be instantly without electricity, and exit. Beware of motor overload burning.
Above is the drilling machine the matters needing attention in using simple introduction, the exchange of everyone reference only!
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Briefly long drilling machine appearance and the surrounding clean

Machining hole drilling machine refers to mainly use bit on the parts of machine tools. Usually bit rotation movement, bit axial movement as the feed movement. Drilling machine structure is simple, the processing precision is relatively low, drilling hole, blind hole, replace the special cutting tools, can enlarge, counter boring, reaming, or tapping for processing. Long drilling machine is the feature of the work piece stationary, rotation of the cutting tool, and along the axis direction of feed, can be manually operation, also can be mobile.

  In the early 1970 s, drilling or using common relay control in the world. To machining some parts on the overlapping or arbitrary Angle, or center line and price parts with a certain Angle of inclined hole, parallel to the vertical hole or holes, etc. Each country specially developed a variety of special deep hole drilling machine.
  Machining hole drilling machine mainly USES bit on the parts of machine tools, is indispensable equipment machinery and all kinds of replacement factory. Taizhou road machinery co., LTD., professional custom make all kinds of mechanical products can be customized according to your product. Below is a general way, simple introduction for everyone under long drilling machine appearance and around clean:
  1, wipe the rig, lathe bed and guide rail, screw and the operating handle. Keep the lathe bed and surrounding clean and no pollution.
  2, remove slag guide way burr and screw drill material.
  3, remove the cleaning felt.
  4, remove the various parts of the drilling machine rust, protect the paint surface.
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