Power heads work process tool bit vibration cause

Abstract: Power head is also called dynamic knife seat, is installed on the unit knife tower, and is driven by servo motor power cutter holder. In the working process of the power head, power head can be adjusted through the operating speed so as to solve the power head vibration phenomenon.


  Power head is also called dynamic knife seat, is installed on the unit knife tower, and is driven by servo motor power cutter holder. This kind of knife holder normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used on the driving force of knife tower processing center. The power head is divided into a variety of products; it can be divided into milling power head, boring head, drilling power head and synchronous tapping power etc. These all belong to general mechanical processing equipment parts.
  In the working process of the power head, often encounter vibration phenomenon of the tool bit, PURROS Company combined with the power head production experience for many years, think the reasons of power head vibration of the tool bit are:
1, “Broach” phenomenon, general won’t make such a mistake;
2, Power head axis of rotation, the bearing clearance is too large, or has been damaged;
3, Workpiece is too irregular cutting face;
Solution: power head can be adjusted through the operating speed, solve the above problems.
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The drilling power head with hydraulic damper

As you all know, pneumatic precision drilling power head of the main structure, feed movement, and by the main control system of three parts, the following, PURROS give you detailed introduce the three characteristics.
1, the main movement
Electrical, pneumatic, automatic feed drilling head of the main movement driven by three-phase asynchronous motor, the synchronous cog belt and spline shaft of the motor torque is transmitted to the spindle, the spindle speed can be change by different synchronous cog belt wheel. Due to the main movement driven by motor power head, spindle speed characteristics, power output and torque is big, can adapt the multi-axis drilling and large aperture processing conditions.
2, feed movement
Because of pneumatic transmission has quick response, good adaptability to the environment, some advantages such as simple structure, small volume, and can realize stepless speed regulation, long working life, convenient power source, therefore, head of the feed movement using compressed air as power source. Considering the compressibility of air, when the load changes of power head movement is poorer, the workers into the speed adjustment and control of the hydraulic damper is used to realize, power head fast rewind and fast forward with the exhaust valve to adjust.
3, the control system
Electrical, pneumatic, automatic feed drilling power head feed movement using the compressed air as power source, its feed movement control also USES the pneumatic control system, by a two to five ventilation control valve, a motorized valve, two manual valve, a number of throttle valve and two external control air supply port, compact structure, with functions of manual operation and remote control and in situ, before a signal and reset signal protection function. Power head ride fast and work on routine can quickly through the block iron continuous adjustable.
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Customized drilling power head

Drilling power head, drilling, tapping operations can also be equipped with multi-axis device, improve efficiency. Is the product of high precision machining, production products can match for automation of operation, is the enterprise by using one of the most.

Drilling power head strong adaptability, can be easily adjusted processing thread diameter, pitch and long stroke, stroke, accessories variety, can be easily to replace single spindle tapping head with multi-axis tapping head, can meet the needs of the user’s small batch and mass production at the same time.
According to processing conditions can choose the most suitable model from rich model, base structure of high precision, high rigidity drilling device, spindle motor adopts high performance, high power motor, from low speed to high speed and is widely type.
Purros machinery co., LTD. Is the Zhejiang coastal area, a manufacturer of power head, over the years, the purros has been to bearing “professional integrity, quality first” business philosophy, continuous innovation development, absorb advanced technology, based on now, look to the future; Our factory will continue to take the market as the guidance, the quality strives for the survival, to the prestige to strive for the hair value platform, Pluto, PURROS welcome your arrival, to realize the grand blueprint of the company and the achievements of your dreams.
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