Hydraulic buffer little common sense

Hydraulic buffer, is also called hydraulic damper, by hydraulic damping effect on the wagon as a freewheeling proceed buffer deceleration to stop. Buffer is compressed process is through piston squeeze oil, this process consumes a large amount of kinetic energy, play a buffer role. When work is finished, the piston return spring is pushed to the original location, to complete a working cycle.

When hydraulic buffer by the collision pressure, kinetic energy after the plug head and accelerate the spring to the piston, make it move to the right. Because buffer work chamber is equipped with a reset spring, mandril and oil. Piston movement extrusion working chamber of the oil, make its reset spring compression, while making the oil extrusion from the annular space between the piston and the mandril, into the oil storage chamber. At the beginning of the piston movement, due to large and annular space between the mandril, the oil is easy to be squeezed out; Continues in piston movement, the annular space are getting smaller and smaller, the piston resistance increasing, to mandril cylindrical phase, the resistance is also stable in maximum.

Hydraulic buffer advantage has to reduce or eliminate hydraulic impact, protect the hydraulic component. So it is widely used in hoisting transportation, metallurgy, port machinery, railway vehicle and other mechanical equipment, prevent hard crash in the process of transportation, prevent damage of parts.

In order to prolong the service life of hydraulic buffer, when deposit, don’t upside down, to prevent the hydraulic oil spill; Environment temperature should be 22-80 Celsius degree; Inventory custody is should be placed in ventilated place, humidity below eighty percent advisable; Pay attention to the fire, do not put in fire place; Before use hydraulic buffer, it should be horizontal installed.

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Crane set the buffer purpose

Abstract: Crane buffer in the hoisting machinery equipment, which belongs to a safety protective device. The purpose of setting the buffer is absorbed a crane or lifting the car running function, to slow down the impact.
  Crane buffer in the hoisting machinery equipment, which belongs to a safety protective device, is installed in orbit on the device security components. In the crane cart or trolley accidentally rush at orbit stroke end, the buffer can and at the same level of rail end interaction; if in the same span two cranes have collided in orbit, and is located in the crane metal structure relative to the buffer. Buffers through its own deformation, quickly absorbed the collision kinetic energy into elastic potential energy, so as to reduce the impact of collision force, so as to effectively protect and lighten the equipment damage due to collision, the national for buffer manufacturing and use has strict regulations and restrictions.
  The purpose of setting the buffer is absorbed a crane or lifting the car running function, to slow down the impact. Buffer is set in a crane or lifting trolley with the blocking body collision location. In the same orbit between crane and at the same bridge rack should also set the buffer between twin trolleys. Thereby reduce the impact of the collision force effect. Common has rubber buffer, spring buffer and hydraulic buffer. Since the various differences materials and structure of buffers, range of application and use the environment also differ.
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