Pneumatic Press part and design feature

Pneumatic press with compressed air as power source, through the pipeline for solenoid valve, through the foot switch to control the action of electromagnetic valve to control the cylinder forward and back, and then achieve the goal of punching.

Which parts does pneumatic press have?

Power Switch: On/Off switch.

Timer Switch: On-control active time, Off-manual control.

Counter: Zero function, to know daily production, easy to control the cost.

Timer: Control pressure time.

Pedal Control Switch: Applicable to connect with controller box socket.

Lock Screw: Control movable base, when adjust the height of movable base, need to loosen the two locking screws. Movable base do an up and down moving, it is used to adjust the gap between it and vertical column. Fasten locking screws after finish adjusting gap.

Cylinder stroke adjustable: Lock screw need to relax, can adjust stroke at 50mm.

Adjusting handle of the work table: To adjust the height of work table.

Control the Speed of Cylinder Down: The machine moves more smoothly.

Air Service Unit (F.R.L.): Control pressure range, easy to pressure distribution efficiency.

Press Control: Two hands safety push buttons, and foot switch operation option.

In addition to the above parts, there are three kinds of auxiliary parts is optional.

Speed Venting Valve: If you need rapid decline, you can install it speed venting valve before work.

Pressure sensor: Measure the pressure while assembly.

Safety Optical Fence Protection: Keep personal safety while operation.

Pneumatic press has simple structure, is not easy to deformation; Performance is good, the space can be arbitrary adjustment; Cylinder with rotation stopper guide rod, make the work more accurate. With both hands button switch or pedal switch, timer and counter, makes the pneumatic press simple and convenient operation, greatly improve the working efficiency, reduces the labor force, also can control the cost of production.

Pneumatic Press PRNC-2000

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