The advantage of boring and milling power head

Boring and milling power head is widely used in marble, plastic, non-ferrous metal (metal, wood, black metal, iron and steel; Die casting, forging parts, stamping parts, rolling parts, stretching pieces; Sanitary equipment (equipment), pipe fittings, connectors, vehicle parts (crankshaft, a bicycle bottom bracket, handles, engine cover, carburetor, brake parts, lock device (lock), gas hydraulic valve, pneumatic components (processing), the electromagnetic valve (processing), electrical metal joint, watch case) and other industries.

Boring and milling power head by the main shaft, main transmission box, a ram, a feed of institutions, balance oil cylinder and so much. Can be installed in longmen iron bar, planer, suitable for all kinds of processing of large frame and box body, can make milling can be boring and drilling and reaming.
Purros company specializing in the production and sales of various power head type drilling, boring and milling power head under the following simple overview of several advantages:
1, because the tool into to rotate is simultaneous, so very thin or very soft material can also be boring head effectively processing.
2, boring head, strong adaptability, can be easily to adjust the diameter of the thread processing, pitch, and stroke.
3, long stroke, accessories variety, can be easily to replace single spindle tapping head with multi-axis tapping head, can meet the needs of the users to small batch production.
4, responding to the user the high speed drilling, drilling power head, wind power base type.
5, boring head spindle by electricity, feed and control by the compressed air pressure on the performance of the price is the most outstanding drilling device, according to processing conditions can choose the most suitable model from the rich models.
6, base structure of high precision, high rigidity drilling device, spindle motor adopts high performance, high power motor, from low speed to high speed and is widely type.

The characteristics of the sleeve tapping machine

Tapping machine is a machine tap processing of internal threads, it is the most widely used a kind of internal thread processing machine tool. According to the national machinery industry standard, tapping machine series is divided into: desktop tapping machine, semi-automatic desktop tapping machine, vertical tapping machine, horizontal tapping machine.

Tapping machine to the market since, with its light, flexible, efficient, and has the advantages of other similar equipment cannot be replaced, favored by the majority of users love. It avoids the limitations of the lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping time, manpower, not easy to rotten teeth, and the tap is not easy to break, etc., its significant features of widely praised by users and USES.
Sleeve tapping machine is mainly used for construction of steel straight thread connecting sleeve, oil pipe and other similar internal thread products of special equipment. Under the purros to introduce the sleeve tapping machine features:
1, equipment use less, use this machine a can be used instead of the traditional six RIGS, reduce the waste a lot of investment of equipment and venues
2, high automatic degree, the machine adopts microcomputer control, photoelectric workpiece, automatic hydraulic press. The main spindle automatic tapping feed, automatic lifting, tapping speed can be adjusted according to the proficiency of the operator.
3, less electricity, compared with the traditional drill every a workpieces can save electricity above 70%
4, less labor. Labor intensity is low, one operator, just put the workpiece and the tap can. No need high technology, artifacts. Tap. Iron cut automatically, reducing the traditional manual control and clamping high intensity of Labour (if a robot and vibration plate can realize automatic)
5, speed is quick. High precision, processing each artifact only about 3 to 5 seconds, without partiality, no size of the first class

The use of the horizontal milling power head

Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. This kind of cutter holder normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used in the driving force of knife tower on the machining center.

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Horizontal milling power head application is very extensive, but it can be used correctly. First turn on the milling head on milling card (to carry) (no one refers to the wide tooth position), a hand took where milling head didn’t tooth, and the milling head milling card on milling head. Cases with one hand to twist the nut (only a little, don’t let the hair fall), until the milling card not to drop down; Then take to wash hands to hold the milling head column next round button, patients with one hand to twist the nut until twist, model right. Don’t be too hard and be careful hand was scratched!

Horizontal milling power head manufacturers supply directly

Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of drilling power head, drilling power head, tapping head, servo tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, bench drill, machinery, hydraulic damper, multi-axis device, power head jig, slide, etc. The company adhering to the “integrity-based, customer first, quality first, full participation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence” corporate purposes.

Power head there are many kinds of products, such as milling power head, drilling power head, drilling power head, variable speed power head, tapping head, tapping the power the first class, etc. PURROS milling power head under to introduce the problems that should pay attention to in operation:
1, to clean up the milling power head operation environment. Users to clean up the oil on the ground around good machine, lest cause staff slipped and accidents. At the same time, to clean up sundry, milling power head in the work to guarantee a good working environment.
2, to control the hydraulic system. Milling power head working hydraulic system must be strict, open, and the oil must be within the prescribed scope.
3, the operator must be responsible for, can’t leave work without authorization, lest produce unnecessary danger.
4, milling power head fixture must be in good condition, to ensure that in the process of work smoothly.
The purros company not only new technology, new varieties, and the new concept of culture. Actively advocate and to practice the modern enterprise management idea, people-oriented, and work to build a technological progress, scientific management, business prosperity, talent first-class modern enterprise. With first-class products, sincere service, hand in hand side by side with friends to the depth and breadth of the market.

Small power head suppliers

Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. This kind of cutter holder normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used in the driving force of knife tower on the machining center.

Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Is located in taizhou JiaoJiangOu. The company has strict quality management system, professional management team, their investment factory, first-class production technology and equipment, products sold at home and abpurros and the country of production.

Small power head suppliers

Purros to the drilling power head of production, drilling power head, realize the high ratio of performance and high precision automatic feed power head. Power head type drilling can be divided into: PR3P – 1, PR3P – 2, PR3P, PR4P, PR5P, PR6P.The purros simply introduce PR3P – 3075 parameters:
1, no-load speed: 7500 r/M
2, drilling diameter: aluminum: Φ 3.3 MM/cast iron: Φ: 1.6 MM/steel Φ 1.6 MM
3, the main shaft trip: 80-120 – mm
4, cutting feed stroke: 0-60 mm
5, motor power: 0.55 KW
6, feed thrust: 1200 n
7, gas consumption: 3-6 l
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Can satisfy you, you can according to their own product features, different requirements, choose the appropriate models, can also provide various parameters requirements to us, we help you order is most suited to your head.

Small application range of porous drill

Porous drill known as drilling machine, multi-axis machine, multi-axis drilling device or multiple spindle head. Is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment. A typical porous drill as long as with ordinary drilling machine can a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread one-time treatment.

Small porous drill is widely used in machinery industry parts of drilling and tapping processing. Such as valves, automobile, motorcycle porous components. Engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering gear, wheel hub, differential shell, shaft head, half shaft, axle, pump, valve, hydraulic components, solar accessories, and so on.
The automation of machine tools greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators. Porous drill adopts single stationary (special) plane design scheme, based on its high frequency of mechanical parts processing, the reasons of the large amount, specifically tailored to a machine equipment, don’t worry about size running deviation in its work and nerve-racking.
Purros specializing in the production of sales of biaxial multi-axis adjustable, three axis multi-axis machine, more than four shaft axis. Build all kinds of stationary multi-axis device. Welcome calls, letter, sample, to visit our factory.

What are the precautions for choosing a servo tapping head?

The servo tapping head is a high precision model specially designed for threading. AC servo motor is used to control the spindle speed and synchronous feed, and the zero time shift and commutation are realized, thus shortening the processing time and improving the processing efficiency of the equipment. More with the second origin function, can effectively improve the processing efficiency. But also the use of high-performance CNC system, can effectively ensure high-precision thread processing. With the development of industry, high efficiency, high precision, high-performance processing equipment to become the first choice, servo tapping head is also one of the users of the processing equipment. Below, PURROS machinery to give you share under the purchase of servo tapping head Note:

1, we should first know the need to process the size of the product thread, and then select the size of the thread according to the servo tapping machine, the unit mm

2, the need for processing the product of the thread depth is how much. The unit is mm

3, what is the material of the product, different hardness of the material is not the same choice of servo tapping machine models are not the same

4, the need to process the product is how much the pitch, pitch and imperial system of the points, the algorithm is not the same

5, the need for the speed of how much?

6, silk tapping material is what?

7, servo tapping machine installation direction of vertical, horizontal, universal, the need for the kind of device method

8, servo motor brand, need the kind of brand should also make it clear

The difference between adjustable and fixed multiple spindle heads

Multiple Spindle Products can be divided into the following categories:

Metalworking Style Heads – with Precision Collet Style Spindles. Our Collet Style Heads use standard ER type collets for high precision, reasonable cost and availability. Metalworking Multiple Spindle Heads are available in these configurations:
Adjustable Spindles – Adjustable Multi-Spindle Heads are suitable for equally spaced hole patterns only. They are best suited for low volume work where the requirements change from time to time. They may be adapted to almost any machine. Jump to our Selection of Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads for more information. All the spindles operate in the same rotation that is also reversible. Drilling, reaming, tapping and light milling are suitable operations.
Fixed Pattern Multiple Spindle Heads are for any irregular hole pattern. They are custom machined with short lead times. An addition advantage is their compact size weight and height compared to similar adjustable heads. Our Application Sheet may be used to send information to us about your application.
Offset Spindle (Fixed Pattern) Heads – Problem hole locations, as near an obstruction, may be drilled with our Offset Spindle Heads. The output spindle or spindles are not in the same line as the input of the head. This can move the drive mechanism enough away from the obstruction to solve your problem.