What are the characteristics of electric tapping machine?

Abstract: Electric tapping machine marked characteristics are folding arm operation. The whole machine tool rigidity is strong, can meet the requirements for small and large tapping at the same time.


Electric tapping machine is a kind of all kinds of small and large steel coarse thread, fine teeth, non-standard tooth pitch forward and inversion of fastening connection thread, transmission connections and pipe in internal thread tapping machine, this machine tool belongs to the category of flexible tapping.
The following is the characteristic of electric tapping machine:
1, Stable torque, long service life.
2, Repetitive positioning rapid, tapping speed, high production efficiency.
3, Safe torque collet ensure tap less damage; Through-hole, blind hole taps continuously, tapping high accuracy.
4, Large ranges of work activities, the heavier artifacts without moving.
5, Simple operation, light weight, high efficiency, low working strength.
6, Use of broad, used in light industry.
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Radial drilling machine of high speed cutting technology in mould manufacturing advantage

Abstract: Radial drilling machine is a kind of hole processing equipment. In mould manufacturing, radial drilling machine high speed cutting technology has a high degree of automation, high processing efficiency, high surface quality and bright prospects for combined machining advantage.


  Radial drilling machine can also be referred to as the radial drill. Radial drill is a kind of hole processing equipment, can be used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and scraping the end face, and other forms of processing.
1, high degree of automation
  High speed cutting moulds don’t need to do electrodes, also do not need to subsequent grinding and polishing, also easy to implement process automation, improve the development velocity of the mould.
2, high processing efficiency
  The use of high speed cutting, Not only the machine tool high rotational speed, feed  quickly, and rough finish machining can be once completed, greatly improved the production efficiency, coupled with numerical control technology, mould manufacturing cycle can be shortened by about 40%.
3, high surface quality
  Machining hardened steel with high speed cutting technology, and can get very high surface quality, surface roughness below Ra0,6μm, obtained by milling and grinding processing effect, not only save a lot of time, also improve the quality of the machined surface.
4, bright prospects for combined machining
While machining center has many compound machining process can be implemented on a machine tool, but it is still not completely adapt to mould processing, mechanical processing and electrical, chemical, ultrasonic principle of different processing methods of composite, with two or more process characteristics of the composite processing in the mould manufacturing will have broad prospects in the future.
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Crane set the buffer purpose

Abstract: Crane buffer in the hoisting machinery equipment, which belongs to a safety protective device. The purpose of setting the buffer is absorbed a crane or lifting the car running function, to slow down the impact.
  Crane buffer in the hoisting machinery equipment, which belongs to a safety protective device, is installed in orbit on the device security components. In the crane cart or trolley accidentally rush at orbit stroke end, the buffer can and at the same level of rail end interaction; if in the same span two cranes have collided in orbit, and is located in the crane metal structure relative to the buffer. Buffers through its own deformation, quickly absorbed the collision kinetic energy into elastic potential energy, so as to reduce the impact of collision force, so as to effectively protect and lighten the equipment damage due to collision, the national for buffer manufacturing and use has strict regulations and restrictions.
  The purpose of setting the buffer is absorbed a crane or lifting the car running function, to slow down the impact. Buffer is set in a crane or lifting trolley with the blocking body collision location. In the same orbit between crane and at the same bridge rack should also set the buffer between twin trolleys. Thereby reduce the impact of the collision force effect. Common has rubber buffer, spring buffer and hydraulic buffer. Since the various differences materials and structure of buffers, range of application and use the environment also differ.
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Power head during the operation, what details should pay attention?

Abstract: Power head is motor drives a gear shifting mechanism, can be boring, milling, drilling, etc functions machinery equipment.
  Power head is relatively simple one variable transmission mechanism, a variety of forms, the basic principle is the motor drives a gear shifting mechanism, can be boring, milling, drilling, and other functions, some with a guide rail operation, Power head job operating procedures are:
1, the working process of operating personnel is not allowed to leave the job.
2, oil pressure system oil-way should be tight, smooth, oil pressure, oil mass and oil temperature should be kept within the specified range.
3, when the low winter temperatures, should start the machine idling, standby oil dissolves before work.
4, when two persons operating a machine tool, should be a clear division of labor by a person responsible for directing, work must be prepared prior to contact.
5, when workpiece loading and unloading heavy, there should be others or lifting mechanics to cooperate.
6, it is strictly prohibited in the machine tool that runs the above delivery tool, jigs and other articles or direct touch the workpiece.
7, prohibited by hand stained cotton yarn cooling liquid cooled rotating workpiece or tool.
8, leftover material on the machine and shear under sporadic forbidden by hand to remove, tangle on the tool or workpiece on the ribbon to use iron hook knife cuttings must be cleared, must stop when clear.
9, when operating the machine tool, must not be used a tripod on the machine tool or lean against the machine tool.
10, when the inspection precision, measurement size, proofreading die cut mouth or job change position or machine must stop when abnormal noise.
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Hydraulic damper is a speed sensitivity device

 Abstract: Hydraulic damper is a kind of hydraulic equipment, a response to speed sensitive vibration damping device. The working process of the hydraulic damper “gentleness” can be used to describe.
  When the movement caused by the force exceeds the allowable speed, hydraulic damper will lock and load and the speed limit in a place called atresia after speed or speed value of the leakage rate. Therefore, test of hydraulic damper, the parameters of interest is as follows: for under the rated load, atresia after locking speed or leakage rate, the equivalent spring stiffness.
  Under normal working condition of the piston rod speed V is less than the closure speed V, force on the pipeline is small, f low less than or equal to 1 ~ 2% FN; The instant impact load at the time, the increase of V to V closed when the hydraulic oil push valve core, to close the valve core to overcome the spring force, hydraulic oil flow only from the damping hole, the formation of FN damping force, make the damper atresia, So as to realize the purpose of reducing vibration, resistance to vibration.
  For safety valve exhaust steam type damper, due to no damping valve core hole, can’t flow for the hydraulic medium, therefore, after locking speed V is equal to zero after closed, so as to realize the continuous of damper on the pulling force.
  The working process of the hydraulic damper “gentleness” can be used to describe, in a pipe or equipment normal thermal expansion can then move slowly, and now its almost no damping force, the expression is “soft”; When the load transient hydraulic damper valve is activated, when its produce and vibration to the same size, curb the large vibration of the pipeline or equipment to reduce the amplitude, multiaxial servo tapping machine gear type tapping machine drilling power head so as to protect the piping or equipment, characterized by “just” at this time.
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Drilling machine is the railway repair and the repair work necessary tools

Railway repair and the repair work necessary tools is drilling machine, drilling machine when use should be pay attention to what? The next PURROS take you to have a look at:
1, to drill horizontal card on the rail, adjust the front of the card head bolts, press the locking cam handles, the locked securely.
2, drilling should be before the drill grinding sharp (Drill bit angle 120 °, the center smaller chisel edge). In the cooling tank, adding the proper amount of coolant. During the drilling to be drill bit cooled sufficiently.
3, drilling feed wants even, don’t overexert. If the drill bit jammed, should be instantly without electricity, and exit. Beware of motor overload burning.
Above is the drilling machine the matters needing attention in using simple introduction, the exchange of everyone reference only!
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General characteristics of pneumatic tapping machine

  Abstract: Pneumatic tapping machine with its lightweight, flexible, efficient, and has the advantage of other similar equipment cannot be replaced, Well received an application by all the machinery manufacturing industry.
  Automatic pneumatic tapping machine research and development to the market, with its lightweight, flexible, efficient, and possesses the advantages of other similar equipment cannot be replaced, and was deeply loved by the masses of users. It avoids a lathe, drill press, or limitations of manual tapping, and time-saving, labor-saving, easy to rotten teeth, tap hardly broken, etc., its significant features of widely praised by users and USES. This machine is applicable to all machinery manufacturing industry, now its use industry covers the tools, mould machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, engineering machinery, automobile motorcycle parts, aircraft engines, locomotives, tobacco machinery, general machinery, etc.
  Pneumatic tapping machine driven by compressed air, safe and fast and efficient; Is mean pressure and volume, large torque output; To all kinds of steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic materials such as tapping; Cylinder with overload protection device, silk attack damage is less, the teeth of high precision; With simple operation light, no experience and strength; Machining cost is used CNC machining center, milling machine tapping machine or hand tapping is low; The heavier work content does not require positioning device or mobile, heavy work area; Positioning rapid fast and high cutting speed, increase production; Through hole or blind hole, silk attack are not broken, the vertical and horizontal Angle can tapping; Processing large range. The service life of the processed products has very good guarantee.
  Pneumatic tapping machine is equipped with precise torsion collet, collet itself with an overload protection device. Torsion collet adopts the principle of automobile clutch, even blind holes, and they don’t have to worry about broken wire attack, to control the torque effectively, guarantee the tap is not easy to break or damage; Precision of the screw tooth magnitude 7 or more, through hole or blind hole tapping are not broken tooth, and bad teeth.
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Automatic tapping machine operation method

Abstract: Tapping Machine is widely used in machinery industry porous parts drilling tapping processing. The correct operation of automatic tapping machine is very important.


  The operating method about automatic tapping machine, mainly include:
1, when automatic tapping machine pressure adjustment, in turn the knob, please pull up, then the rotation, pressure rotating knob for positioning. Rotate knob to the right to raise the outlet pressure, rotation of the lower outlet pressure to the left. Adjust the pressure should be gradually evenly to the required pressure value, should not step adjustment in place.
2, automatic tapping machines for filtering pressure drainage pressure drainage with a manual drain two ways. Manual drainage when the water level below the level reached before the filter must be drained.
3, tapping machines before operation, check whether the main lock bolt is strong, the power switch and circuit whether in good condition. In accordance with provisions clothing labor insurance supplies, Non- tapping personnel and non licensed tapping personnel based mount guard.
4, before the operation, must be provided for refueling site;
5, before tapping, must put the tapping required artifacts, tools and so on placed neatly, and handy.
6, debugging tapping machine tap tapping size and depth dimensions to meet the requirements before you start the job. Prevent slippery tooth and tooth enough.
7, tapping discharged debris (iron slag powder, etc.), there should be space or cavity to facilitate the sundries is discharged. Clean up at any time.
8, tapping machine often self-test workpiece quality.

In what fields porous drilling machine general application

With the development of China’s machinery industry, the competition between suppliers, choose a kind of high performance, high efficiency of machine tool is the enterprise to reduce the production cost, improve the competitiveness of enterprises an effective way. A typical multi-axis drilling machine + ordinary drilling machine can be a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread one-time treatment, can greatly improve the efficiency of production and processing of tapping or drilling.

  Porous drilling machine is widely used in machinery industry parts of drilling and tapping processing. Porous parts: such as automobile, motorcycle engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering gear, shaft, wheel hub, differential shell head, half shaft, axle, pump, valve, hydraulic components, solar accessories, and so on.
  Multi-axis drilling machine can be divided into fixed and adjustable two specifications. Adjustable multi-axis drilling machine in the processing scope, the distance between the number of the spindle, spindle, can adjust relatively, a feed processing several holes at the same time. Stationary multi-axis drilling machine adopts single piece (the job) plane design scheme, based on its high frequency of mechanical parts processing, the reasons of the large amount, specifically tailored to a one machine equipment, in the work without fearing and nerve-racking size wandering. Application of porous drilling machine, greatly convenient for staff and reduce the capital investment.
  Taizhou road machinery co., LTD. Is specialized in producing sales can debug biaxial multi-axis device, three axis multi-axis machine, more than four shaft axis. Build all kinds of stationary multi-axis device. Can be customized according to your product corresponding multiracial, unlimited number of shaft, the pitch of unlimited, can be used for drilling, tapping. Greatly improve the production efficiency. Hotline: 0576-89898883
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Briefly long drilling machine appearance and the surrounding clean

Machining hole drilling machine refers to mainly use bit on the parts of machine tools. Usually bit rotation movement, bit axial movement as the feed movement. Drilling machine structure is simple, the processing precision is relatively low, drilling hole, blind hole, replace the special cutting tools, can enlarge, counter boring, reaming, or tapping for processing. Long drilling machine is the feature of the work piece stationary, rotation of the cutting tool, and along the axis direction of feed, can be manually operation, also can be mobile.

  In the early 1970 s, drilling or using common relay control in the world. To machining some parts on the overlapping or arbitrary Angle, or center line and price parts with a certain Angle of inclined hole, parallel to the vertical hole or holes, etc. Each country specially developed a variety of special deep hole drilling machine.
  Machining hole drilling machine mainly USES bit on the parts of machine tools, is indispensable equipment machinery and all kinds of replacement factory. Taizhou road machinery co., LTD., professional custom make all kinds of mechanical products can be customized according to your product. Below is a general way, simple introduction for everyone under long drilling machine appearance and around clean:
  1, wipe the rig, lathe bed and guide rail, screw and the operating handle. Keep the lathe bed and surrounding clean and no pollution.
  2, remove slag guide way burr and screw drill material.
  3, remove the cleaning felt.
  4, remove the various parts of the drilling machine rust, protect the paint surface.
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